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Articles – ELT

The article that started it all. This is not the only article tackling sexual harassment in ELT, but they are very few and far between, and it was this article that promoted men and women in ELT to write to Varinder in droves. It was their stories that kept Varinder up at night. And those sleepless nights that led to #ELTtoo.

Articles – Metoo movement

Metoo movement breaking the silence in China

Metoo is here to stay

Articles – General

Sexual Harassment 101


Websites giving advice

Citizens Advice UK

Websites which support inclusive and comfortable workplaces

Gender Equality in ELT

TEFL Equity Advocates 


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#ELTtoo update

#ELTtoo Update 15/1/2018

After many weeks of research, content creation, men and women sharing their stories, and organisations coming forward to support #ELTtoo, we are finally almost ready to launch the website. Our website (by our I mean me, you too! We are stronger together).

Live launch is set for this coming Friday. January 19th, 2018. We can’t help but feel excited about finally having a platform. A safe place to share. To find information. To be listened to.

The initiative, movement, platform, whatever you want to call it, is just the start. A launching pad. Our small contribution to a greater movement for change that transcends industries. Initially we want to provide a platform for sharing. Raise awareness. Provide support. But what we really want is change. For this reason we envisage that #ELTtoo will grow and change. Each step we take, we take together. We will keep you informed of any updates here on our website and on social media.

Stronger together. Let’s stand together for change.


The team of men and women creating this website.