Stronger Together

These are just some of the organisations, communities and individuals that support raising awareness of sexual misconduct and gender based bullying in ELT because they want us ALL to have a safe and comfortable workplace.

Those of us putting together this website first and foremost want to acknowledge the fearless writer and advocate of fairness and inclusiveness in ELT that inspired us to join her in this movement:

Varinder Unlu, IP & SEN Sig Coordinator for IATEFL, Fearless Writer and advocate for fairness and inclusiveness in ELT, Academic Manager, Educator and Trainer.


Kylie Malinowska, Educator and Trainer

Jessica Toro, Educator and Trainer

Anna Pires, Educator and Trainer

Dave Tucker, Educator and Trainer

Kieran Donaghy, Educator and Trainer

David Valente, Academic Training Manager, Teacher Trainer, Materials Writer

Marek Kiczkowiak, Educator and Trainer, TEFL Equity Advocates

John Conniffe, Educator and Trainer

Claudia Rey, Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Materials Writer

Mabel Luchetti, Educator and Trainer

Fitch O’Connell, Educator and Trainer

Giovanni Licata, Educator and Teacher Trainer

Cintia Rodrigues, Director of Studies and Teacher Trainer

AJ Dalmaso, Educator and Teacher Trainer

Gabriel Froes, Teacher

Ila Coimbra, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Douglas Ruffa, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Phil Dexter, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Sharon Noseley, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Anne Margaret Smith, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Liz Fishwick, Teacher Trainer

Stephanie Vogel, Director Teaching House

Karenne Sylvester, Educator and Trainer

Tyson Seburn, Academic Director, EAP Instructor

Bruno Andrade, Teacher and Teacher Educator

Anabel Reis Alves, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Wayne Rimmer, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Sara Hannam, Educator

Tim Julian, Director of Studies and Teacher Trainer

Damian Williams, Writer and Teacher Traine

Canan Marasligil, Writer and Literacy Translator

Andy Hockley, ELT Management Trainer

Andreas Grundtvig, HELTA Chair

Dale Coulter, Academic Manager and Teacher Trainer

Claire Wijayatilake, Academic Manager, Coursebook Writer and Teacher Trainer

Kate Howcroft, Director of Studies at  IH Coimbra – Olivais

Martha Supajirawatananon, TEFL Course Director

David Riddell, Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Writer

Dave Cleary, Director of Studies and Teacher Trainer

Phil Longwell, Teacher

Parisa Mehran, Teacher

Sadeqa Ghazal, Teacher

Sue Leather, Educator and Writer

Burcu Akyol, Principal, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Edward Russell, Head of Teacher Training

Harry Hall, Head of Teacher Training

M Rizwan Khan, Professor of English

Mohamed Ashour, Lecturer

Mark Hitchcock, Senior Faculty Manager

Nik Peachey, Educator and Teacher Trainer

Sue Lyon Jones, Writer and Educator

Sue Annan, Writer and Educator

Romulo Neves, Writer and Educator

Ana Violeta Bica, Educator

Jenny Bartlett, Teacher and Director of Studies

Jonny Ingham, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Evgenia Orlova, Teacher


TEFL Equity Advocates 


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ELTtoo was started by Varinder Unlu, with help from colleagues and friends. It has no official legal status.