CELTA tutor making inappropriate comments

An older, married, very self-confident male teacher once told me (a female YL Trainer) that he wanted to be a trainer one day and thought young females would make the best trainees because they’d do whatever he says….like sit on his face. When I pointed out how inappropriate his comment was he told me to “relax” and that maybe I’d have a better sense of humour if I masturbated more.


I wish I could believe it was no more than a “joke” (although also inappropriate), but after witnessing him try to put his hands down the underwear of an incredibly drunk young teacher, I wasn’t convinced. And this wasn’t an isolated incident of him creeping me out and making me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I have a very relaxed sense of humour normally and up for almost any banter- but he made my skin crawl.  He’s now a CELTA trainer at another school. When I heard this I felt it was time I came forward about the many things I’d heard and witnessed. I thought for a long time and eventually approached the Director of his school and aired my concerns as objectively as I could. She laughed as she shrugged and said “no complaints so far”. So I let it go.