A manager who abused his position of power

Once at a conference held in the former eastern bloc and attended mostly by young, beautiful, female teachers native to the location, I spent the preconference dinner sat next to an older male from an English speaking country. As I was in a similar position to him (professional role and nationality) he seemed to think it was ok to go on and on about how he would only hire female nns, because as a male ns they would do anything for him. Each cringeworthy statement was “you know what I mean, right?”

You know what I mean, right?

Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt as the conversation got more and more inappropriate as the night and wine went on. He didn’t seem to take my subtle hint that I didn’t agree when I said “surely hiring teachers based on their skills is the most appropriate course of action?”. In fact he replied “No, they love it. These kinds of women love being appreciated for their sexiness”. It was the first time I had met this man, so I refrained from punching him in the face to make it stop and instead politely excused myself from the table. In retrospect, I could kick myself for not making it more explicit to him that I found him vulgar.