Mr Nice Guy?

Often people who are serial posters on social media are playing a political game to gain popularity. No problem with that. It doesn’t harm anyone, it just gets a bit boring. Such dominant posters often seem to be lovely, posting lots of upbeat quotes and clichés and sharing links to materials. One such person keen to make his mark in several ELT facebook groups may appear to be the life and soul of the fb party. Let’s call him the diva of ELT. But beware. Mr Niceguy’s mask often slips and he quickly becomes rude and insulting. Later he deletes his comments and even denies them. But the worst part is how he behaves when he turns to private messaging. I am not the only person to have been on the receiving end of his secret bullying and harassment. He even resorts to targeting his victims’ friends or colleagues in an attempt to ruin their reputation. His bullying and insulting rants are not seen by his followers, his contributions are thought to be useful by many and he is even respected in the ELT community. In some ways he is ridiculous, but it is still shocking to have been on the receiving end of one of his private messages. It is very upsetting to be attacked like this.