Who is Robert Ma?

Hi, I’ve recently registered with a website that connects Teachers of English to recruiters in different parts of the world. Three or four days ago I got a message from a Robert Ma saying he needed a teacher for his daughter…in THE UK. Very strange that a person living in the UK would chose to look for teachers from other countries (most of us registered with the website are non-native English teachers), offering great pay and advantages. Well, I suspected but wanted to know more, so I wrote back and questioned about the girl, about why not hiring someone in the UK and even suggested online classes with me. He answered me everything I asked, but I couldn’t believe a word. I wrote the website owner and his first answer was ” follow your insticts”. When I said that didn’t help , he offered to search for registered recruiters in his website. No Robert Ma. No teachingma@gmail.com. So , I contacted other teachers and so far, one of them, from Morocco, has answered me saying she was ready to go, even suspecting things, and thanked me for saving her life. So, this “Robert Ma” has access to our e-mail addresses and even phone numbers (some teachers add their phone#), but he is not registered with the website. In order to be able to SEE our contact details the person has to be registered and log in. So, this person is registered there with another name. Don’t you think that this is something dangerous? Is my sister’s mind so fertile that she is the only person who listened to my story and said “women trafficking”!? I know I can’t save the world, but tell, nothing can be done abou t this? Will we have to count only on “follow your insticts” advice that the website owner gave me?